Interactive CAD/CAM drawing machine by Belgian 'Indianen"

The name of Belgian collective 'De Indianen' refers to native American people and their nomadic existence. The group was founded in 2008, the members are Tim Knapen, Andreas Depauw, Steven Holsbeeks en Wout Bosschaert.
True to their name the group and their work has been travelling in The Netherlands, Belgium and beyond, profiling their research about an aesthetic and specific 'style' in graphic design.  
During a working period in the autumn at AGA they focussed on the BOUNDLESS theme and program. The result was shown at the annual Amsterdam Art event - 'Kunstvlaai' - in november. The 'Indianen' involved the public in their experiment with a computerized drawing machine. Their self built CAD/CAM drawing machine makes drawings without the actual interference of an artist's hand! 
In the 'Longhand printshop' visitors could design their own posters by choosing from a selection of fonds, illustrations and ornaments.

The CAD/CAM drawing machine is in fact a plotter which can direct a brush or pen and even vary the degree of pressure executed by the machine on paper. It can draw on a 90 x 50 cm square of paper.
In their experiment and research the 'Indianen' want to develop a specific style of drawing with their machine, comparable to the typical style of other graphic techniques, i.e. screenprinting or etching.


examples of drawing lines
part of CAD/CAM drawing tool
antique example of typography

example of typography

Kunstvlaai 23 november - 2 december 2012


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