Kick-off exhibition 6 september - jury report

The jury made ​​a selection from 95 entries for the exhibition Boundless Amsterdam, which will open on September 6th, at the CBK Amsterdam.
The jury considered the criteria stated in the application form. More than 20 works were selected: 2 from New Zealand, 2 from the USA, 1 from Germany, 1 from Belgium, 1 from Ireland, 1 from Bulgaria and 13 from The Netherlands. Work is equally represented in disciplines of graphic art on textile, ceramics, traditional print related media and conceptual work. 
The jury praised the quality and diversity of the entries.
Ranti Tjan, member of the jury, director of sundaymorning@ekwc, reflects on the jury proces:
"The graphic arts are a novel discipline for me as a juror. I've enjoyed seeing the possibilities that graphic art offers to practitioners. The entries for Boundless were impressive both in diversity and quality. A jury views all the work as a digital two-dimensional representation. After the first visual impression one considers the artist's statement and how he/she strives to realize that idea. Additionally the criteria of "Boundless" are at the back of one's mind. The final consideration is, can this work inspire other artists to turn to the graphic arts, can it amaze colleagues and turn viewers into future collectors?“
Monika Auch of the BOUNDLESS Think Tank, a team of artists working on the guidelines for the 2-year programme and the kick-off exhibition, comments:
"I was curious about the answers to our query - innovation in printmaking techniques and 3 dimensionality in graphic art. The variety and creativity of the pieces admitted by artists and designers for the exhibition is very inspiring.
A few examples:
-beautiful prints on massive, big ceramic pieces and on fragile porcelain bowls
-site-specific installations with strong contemporary visual language
-theatrical inflatable pieces with transparant prints on PVC
-an artist's book made of glass
-subtle and stark coloured images masterly executed in screen print on textiles
-wearable lithographs (is it possible to wear a lithograph?)
-dust, light and slides as the representation of the printmaking proces in an ephemeral form
We are very much looking forward to the kick-off show and future cross pollination of disciplines. Our thanks to CBK Amsterdam for hosting the project."

We thank all participants and candidates for their interest and effort.
We hope you will come to the exhibition and take part in planned activities.

also on behalf of the jury and the Boundless Think Tank,
Kristien van den Oever
managing director AGA