A.I.R. Scott Ludwig makes hybrid prints

Scott Ludwig, printmaker and area coordinator at Appalachian State University in North Carolina presented five new prints after a residency of four weeks at AGA. He commented, that he never believed he could make work like that. His amazement stemmed from a total immersion in new techniques, i.e. making woodcut with the help of lasercutting and visiting FABLAB in Amsterdam for further investigation and use of innovative techniques. He was greatly inspired by Dutch artist, printmaker Monique Kwist who works with Toyoba Solar plate technique at AGA. www.kwist.nl
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Ludwig's work is characterized by a combination of techniques which he calls Hybrid print. His work selected for the BOUNDLESS kick-off exhibition (Gris-Gris for Trinity Island) consists of Ultrachrome, archival inkjet print and photopolymer gravure etching by using Inkjet and intaglio on rag paper mounted to heavy rag paper; grommets, corroded and numbered push pins.
He comments:
'Over the past several years, I developed a body of work inspired by artist residencies and travel excursions to numerous locales, including China, Cuba, Turkey, Costa Rica, British Columbia, the Louisiana wetlands, Death Valley, and The Great Basin. I feel a sense of urgency to immerse myself in the now-fleeting, fragile landscape and ever-transforming global culture in which we all reside. In the end, I strive to create a richly complex, visual atmosphere that promotes reflection, and in some small way, contributes to raising consciousness about substantive issues surrounding the environs, culture, and history of a particular place in time.'
see category mixed techniques for a complete report by Ludwig on his working proces

from left: Naan Rijks, Willem van Oijen, Scott Ludwig


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