Boundaries of consumerism

Luba Haleva from Bulgaria, selected for BOUNDLESS kick-off exhibition
Title work: You are here
Format :  55 \ 55 \ 5 cm
Year: 2012
Technique: mixed media, digital print on plexiglass
Material: digital print on plexiglass, wood, supermarket brochures, acrylic.
'In this particular project I am experimenting  with  a combination of various media and processes, grouped around specific themes and meanings.
The work consist of two layers, for the bottom layer I am using flyers, acrylic and everyday objects, and the upper layer is a digital print on plexiglass and semi transparent. In this way I am trying to achieve more depth and impact. The intention is to reveal, as much as to conceal.
The research question is about the boundaries of our consumer tastes ? Are there boundaries? If yes, what lies beyond those boundaries? It is an expression of our deep subconscious fears and a primal effort for accomplishing harmony and equilibrium between man and his surrounding world. Is that possible in today's city-corporations?'