exhibition of artist's books at BOUNDLESS

Artist's books at BOUNDLESS
Supporting the interest of artists and public in bookmaking Herma Deenen, printmaker at AGA set up an artists's book project and exhibition. 'Book Art executed in printing techniques is three dimensional graphic art and therefore fits the BOUNDLESS concept perfectly.'
35 artists's books created in various graphic techniques will be shown for three days during the weekend of 21 - 23 september open from 12.oo - 17.oo hrs.
Professor Dr. Lisa Kuitert, professor in book history, faculty of the humanities at the University of Amsterdam will open the exhibition at 21 september, 17.oo hrs at Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier, Laurierstraat 109.

From 6 september - 13 oktober one page of each book will be displayed at the AGA gallery, which is open except on sundays.

examples of artist's book - work by Hanneke Barendrecht habinterart.blogspot.nl/