'Hill' and 'Seaprint' by Christina Hallstrom

work by Christina Hallstrom selected for BOUNDLESS kick-off exhibition  

'Hill', video sequence printed on JiangSu silk

detail seaprint


Description of proces:
'My focus has been on reaching the transparency needed for layering images printed on textile. My research had a lot to do with transparency and grain. The ink in combination with the silk builds up its own grain. By using different kinds of inks and different squeegees while printing I started to get a grip on thin material as silk.

In the work ‘Hill’ (350x200x200cm) I translated a videosequence into print, creating a multi-interpretable image where the eye can wonder in all directions, and zoom in and out in a sort of reversed or ‘slow’ filmmaking.
The ‘film-strips’ are screenprinted on thin JiangSu silk fabrics which hang free from the ceiling in an arranged group.
Due to the fabrics’ transparency the images can be seen from both sides. From each side the viewer will see different combinations and image-overlaps. '