principles of unconditional love

Working in 10 Grand Press, Brooklyn, NY on The Lotus Eater.

PD Packard, Brooklyn NY
The book The human condition is in the selection for Boundless.

Hand-bound accordion book, the HUMAN CONDITIONHand-bound accordion book, the HUMAN CONDITION, 2011 – 2012 (61 cm x 2.44 m minimum open display)
'I have become a storyteller through my prints, watercolors and hand-bound books, driven to express the principles of unconditional love - not conditional romance. The elaborately hand-bound accordion book, the HUMAN CONDITION, advises not to war with the human condition but to stand face to face with love. My work illustrates what I believe is important about unconditional love that creates this place I call “nest”, a refuge that can be found no matter where you are physically or mentally.
I began with the desire to create a more sculptural self-displaying hand-bound book and use the accordion method.
I use the camera as a tool to articulate my ideas and commence in graphic techniques from there.


The Lotus Eater drypoint plate made of plexi on press

Final Print: The Lotus Eater

Collagraph plate for Freeman!

I push the ink into into the Collagraph plate with a stiff paint brush

Final Print: Freeman!

Embossing plate: Laser cut plexi glued to styrene

Embossing Plates
All the text for the book cover and inside pages was created as graphic design, on the computer in Adobe Illustrator. The computer artwork was then laser cut out of plexi and glued onto styrene making a printing plate. The plate was inked, printed, the paper chine-coll├ęd and embossed all at same time.