workshop Toyobo Solar Plate saturday 27 october

Toyobo Solar Plate for High Printing and/or Embossment

Saturday 27 october, 10.00-17.00
12 students max.

Costs: €150 all materials included
Teacher: Monique Kwist

Monique uses the Toyobo Solar Plate for printing relief in combination with colour and in photographic etching.
In august Scott Ludwig, A.I.R at AGA was inspired by Monique's knowledge of Toyobo and used it in his Amsterdam series.
-introduction by Monique
-making a mould/printing plate using a non-toxic method.
-based on your own digital drawings, photographs, handmade drawings.

A follow-up course can be arranged by Monique and AGA
More info about Toyobo: www.kwist.nl
E/ moniquekwist@hotmail.com

Applications for workshop E/ info@amsterdamsgrafischatelier.nl
All participants older than 16 yrs and from other disciplines are welcome
More info about preparations and materials after registration