Phantom Galaxy of two balloons and a printer scanner

Isabelle Andriessen
For the BOUNDLESS exhibition I show the comprehensive installation Phantom Galaxy.
It consists of a printer-scanner with a glass box on top of the flatbed. The glass box locks two balloons in constant battle, dancing on a current of air springing forth from a fan placed next to the box.
During the exhibition the printer-scanner tries to crystallize the friction between the balloons, by continuously scanning their interaction. Going from fourdimensional to flat the resulting scans are transmitted from the printer-scanner to another room for projection as a live stream. The projected images cannot only be seen in CBK during the BOUNDLESS project, but also through the Internet, for as long as the work is on display.
On Saturdays and special events Phantom Galaxy will be displayed as a performance. (exact time schedule will be placed on this blog soon) Only on these days will the printer-scanner actually print a limited edition of this choreography of chance.
The installation is the incarnation of how the arbitrary movement of two balloons suddenly refers to a phenomenon like our galaxy. The ballet of the balloons touches on the sublime, chance and beauty. Many gracious movements might be lost and many interchangeable images might be captured by the scanner. But all we get is a trivial chance view on these sublime moments, in which we can only desire to catch a glimpse on the elusive beauty of impermanence.